Authors 2018

Lisa Ashlock
Am I Awake Yet? Living with a loved one with bipolar and how to cope (Non-Fiction)
The Final Chapter (Non-Fiction)

Bill Benigni
Bill’s Great Hunting and Fishing Tales (Non-Fiction)

William Brice
Myth, Legend, Reality; Edwin Laurentine Drake and the Early Oil Industry (History)

Michael Buben
A Book (Philosophical autobiography)
High School Chemistry (Textbook/Outline of notes)

Teresa Cunningham
Never a Child (Autobiography)

Alex Danchanko, Jr.
Murphy’s Law and the Outdoorsman (Short Stories/Outdoors)

Robert Forte
The Woman in the Yellow Dress
Magenta Diary

Dianne Garczynski
A Turkey’s Point of View (Fiction)

Richard Gregory
The Bosses Club (Historical Fiction)

Carrie Gessner
(Fiction/Short Stories/Fantasy)
The Dying of the Golden Day
The Stroke of Thirteen
Beautiful Lies, Painful Truths Volume 1

George A. Hancock
My Running Odyssey (Biography)

Richard Henry
Lesson One: Coming of Age
Lesson Two: Pursuing Dreams
Lesson Three: Compromises
Lesson Four: Redemption

Mike Herncane
Present Calamites: New and Neglected Poems (Poetry)

Robert Herring
Scars of a Magician (Fiction)
Josh and his Superhero Booger Friends (Children’s)

James Hostetler
Bedford County Indians
Forbes Road Through Bedford County

Robert Jeschonek
(History and Fiction)
Death by Polka
Richland Mall Rules
Penn Traffic forever
Long Live Glosser’s
Christmas at Glosser’s
A Glosser’s Christmas Love Story
Halloween at Glosser’s
Easter at Glosser’s
The Glory of Gable’s

Johnstown Area Genealogical and Historical Society
Memories of Johnstown, Pa
Memories of Johnstown, Pa II
Centennial of Johnstown Reprint

Shelly Kerchner
Standing Tall: The Healing Power of Gratitude (Nonfiction- Self-Help-Spinal Cord Injury, Domestic Violence, Addiction)

Carolyn McKinney
Hunting for Dead People

Dale Perelman
Steel – the Story of Pittsburgh’s Iron and Steel Industry 1852 – 1902
Road to Rust – the Disintegration of the Steel Industry in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio
Centenarians – One Hundred 100-Year-Olds Who Made a Difference
The Regent – the History of the Regent Diamond
Mountain of Light – the Story of the Koh-I-Noor Diamond
The Scottish Rite Cathedral of New Castle

Don Rayner
Winter is My Middle Name (Young Adult/Teen)

Betty Rosian
What’s a Grandma To Do?: 20 Fun things to do with young grandchildren (Family Fun)

Charles A. Taormina
Gratuity (Fiction)
Shared Lives (Short Stories)
Rain Folio (Poetry)
Midwest Medley (Photography)

Marsha Tate
Web Wisdom: How to evaluate and create information quality on the web (3rd edition)

Timothy Van Sickel
(Fiction/Religion/Prepper Fiction)
Righteous Gathering, Righteous Survival EMP Saga, Book 1
Righteous Bloodshed, Righteous Survival EMP Saga Book 2
Righteous Sacrifice, Righteous Survival EMP Saga Book 3
Righteous Soldiers, Righteous Survival EMP Saga Book 4

Thomas Slatcoff
Operation Red X
Atrocity in the Nave